Restart of

Hello there!

I am mmatt founder of, and I will be rebooting the website to be much better then before. Now you will have an insight into my life as an entertainer and streamer. You will see more then you could on @3percbattery, an Instagram account where I update you on my general life. This won't be that interesting as I don't really know how to write a blog post, but hopefully since I am posting on this every single day, I will eventually get better at this. I might have more people then just myself explain their life as a streamer, but that might be in the future. I hope I can keep this going for as long as I am a streamer, content creator, and CEO. Now that I mention CEO, I will also bring to this blog, the inside of my eSports organization Dizzy, and you will see most of the things that goes behind the scenes in an eSports organization that mainly focuses on content creation and the competitive Fortnite scene. My blog over at will still be alive, as I update you on video games and such, but at, this will more be my personal life, and giving other content creators an outlet to share their personal lives also. I hope this website can be a platform for content creators to show their personal lives to their audience and show how it really is being a content creator. Anyways, I hope we can connect more on a personal level now that I have all of these outlets to bring out my life.